Concerns and Complaints Process

The team at Greenwoods Eldercare Society strives to provide the best possible care for our residents at Greenwoods and Braehaven. If we are not meeting your expectations or needs we would like to know about this problem. We are committed to doing what is possible to resolve concerns and complaints in a respectful and reasonable manner.  

The process:

1)  Please bring your concern or complaint to the manager of the department. It helps us to resolve the issue if you can provide as much detail as possible regarding the nature of the complaint and the resolution you would ideally like to achieve. Concerns and complaints are most easily resolved when they are brought to our attention as close to the date of the concern arising as possible. 

The Managers are:

  • Aletha Humphreys: Executive Director
  • Barb Williams: Director of Care
  • Trish Staicesku: Operations Manager

2)  If your concern or complaint is not resolved in a satisfactory manner the next step is to bring your concern or complaint to the Executive Director, Aletha Humphreys. The Executive Director will investigate your concern or complaint and seek to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Aletha Humphreys 1-250-537-5561 Ext  222. 

3)  If your concern or complaint is not resolved in a satisfactory manner within the Greenwoods Eldercare Society process you can contact the Licensing Department of the Island Health at (250) 519-3401 The Licensing department may assign a Licensing Officer to review your concern or complaint if it falls within the authority of this department to do so.

4)  Concerns or complaints that are not resolved at any level within this process might be eligible for review and action by Island Health Patient Care Quality Office which can be reached at (250) 370-8323.