Meals on Wheels

WELCOME to our Meals on Wheels program!

Greenwoods Eldercare Society administers Meals on Wheels. Volunteer drivers deliver the hot meals to the clients. The delivery days are Monday thru Friday. It is a subsidized service and the current cost to the client is $6.25 per entree.


Please make sure that your house number is well marked so that the drivers can easily see it from the road.

When to expect your meal

Your meal will arrive between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Our driver will then place your hot meal in the cooler you provide which is marked Meals on Wheels, coolers must be visible and marked MoW if there is not a cooler then meals, will NOT be left. Meals that are stored in a freezer should not be stored longer than 3 weeks.


The bill will be for all the meals delivered to you during the previous month.

Greenwoods Eldercare Society now has the convenience of Pre-Authorized Debits, PAD


Please give at least one day’s notice to cancel a meal. Please note: A charge for a meal is made if no notice was given.

Food Handling

Please do your best to eat your hot meal as soon as it arrives. If you choose not to eat your meal immediately, it is important that you follow these directions:

If the meal is to be eaten within the next hour:

  • Place it in a 250 F oven until you are ready to eat.

To keep the meal until evening:

  • Lift a corner of the lid to allow steam to escape, allow meal to
    cool for 30 minutes, then put it into the refrigerator.
    • Oven – Place in a 350 F oven for 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Microwave – Put food onto a plate then microwave for 4 minutes


Please submit this form to contact Meals on Wheels