Resident Bill of Rights

We recognise the fundamental rights that every resident of the Greenwoods Care Facility have including those enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Human Rights Legislation and contained in Common Law. While resident rights may be subject to some limits due to the needs of others and the resources of the facility we are committed to respect each resident’s right to:

  • Autonomy and Right to Choice: including the right to make decisions regarding one’s life and lifestyle.
  • Privacy: including the right to have private property, space, visitation, treatment and care.
  • Right to be Informed:  including the right to choose one’s Doctor, be informed of medical conditions (unless there is a medical reason not to do so) and the right to make reasoned decisions regarding treatment.
  • Right to Confidentiality: including confidentiality in financial affairs, personal and family matters and all medical records as subject by law.
  • Right to Live with Dignity: including freedom of individuality and sexuality, freedom from abuse and freedom from restraints.
  • Right to Justice: including the right to voice concerns without fear of reprisal.

For more detailed information, see the presentation:  The Resident Bill of Rights,  How the Patient Care Quality Office, Licensing and Residential Facilities work together to resolve complaints.